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TILLEY/TILLY – SMITH – CHANDLER Last year I traveled from Eastern NC (Nags Head) to Surry County, NC investigating my father’s mother side of the family. On the 1880 Census in Surry County, my great grandmother Frances TILLEY is listed with several children and being a widow. (Questionable about the widow stuff.) On this census two names above her is a William Smith, wife Sarah Smith and a child James Smith (in penitentiary). The 1890 Surry Co.,NC Census lists Frances again, with more children, and William again with Sarah and two different children. I found a Marriage Bond between William SMITH and Frances SMITH who married in 1893. Dates estimate him 25 years older than Frances. It lists fathers of both unknown, his mother Polly SMITH, dead and her mother, Sally TILLY, dead. PROBLEM ONE: How do find out their individual father’s names? Frances died in 1931 in Danville, VA (buried in Greenview Cemetery, Reidsville, NC) but Richmond swears they have no Death Certificate. PROBLEM TWO: Sarah must have died but I don’t know where to find this information? PROBLEM THREE: Where would I find prison records for NC to see if James was in there? In 1903, William applied for Civil War Pension, which he got. I think the year was 1902 or 1904 that he was on the voter list for Surry. They had mega children together, half of which are illegitimate. I had always known there was one child with her maiden last name (family tale.) On a fluke I saw the Bastardy Bond book and low and behold a child was born in ALLEGHANY County in 1873 by a Frances TILLEY, William SMITH posted the bond. She was 14 when this child was born, Warrick Winfield TILLEY. All other children have the last name of SMITH. I have a Death Certificate in hand for a Mary SMITH EIDRIDGE (married a Jeff ELDRIDGE) that date computation lists her as younger than Warrick. A first cousin of my father’s, Frances’ son’s daughter who is 80, adamantly told me this past weekend that Mary was older than Warrick by two years so this would make Frances’ first child born in 1871 making the family story of my great grandmother birthing her first child when she was 12 true (story many years old). Also, Mary Smith ELDRIDGE was a witness to four of Warrick’s children to obtain Delayed Birth Certificates (I have four in my possession. All were born in Surry.) One of the other witness to the births was a “Clyde W. TILLEY Family Bible.” I cannot locate a Clyde W. TILLEY on any NC census. I did find a Clyde TILLEY in the Surry County phone directory but because of the illegitimacy involved, I don’t want to upset anyone. My second cousin also told me that there was an event sometime after 1900 involving a death of an adopted child of Warrick’s and charges against one of his sister’s. My cousin was not clear on the story. She was a young child. She also said most of the adult members of the family attended that trial. My cousin is married and lives in Reidsville, NC. PROBLEM FOUR: I cannot locate any Frances/Sally TILLEY/TILLY/SMITH in any records of surrounding counties except the Alleghany Bastardy Bond and Surry Census. I have tried Grayson, Carroll, and Patrick Counties, VA. Caswell, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Alleghany, Ash, Yadkin, Forsythe, and Guilford Counties, NC. Family stories say Frances was part Indian and she was “given” to William SMITH at the age of 12. If she was given away in 1871 that is AFTER the Civil War so I thought ALL slaves would be free. I do not understand what an indentured servant is and why would her father/master give her away? PROBLEM FIVE: Being new at this a year ago, the time of my initial research, I did not know of slave census’ at the back of the books nor did I know the term “Free Person of Color.” So this has not been checked out. Does anyone out there have access to any of the county information involved to do lookups for me? (I am unable to do this myself as I am in college this semester and leave for Turkey in January. I would like to resolve this before I leave.) I have reason to believe there is Melungeon history involved somewhere. I am exhausted on this. Maybe a fresh eye would help. My great-grandmother had a hard life and though no one else in the family will “talk” about this or 9/10 of relatives are dead or when they asked questions about this, the reply was “we don’t talk about this”, she is very important to me. Frances’ daughter, Etta P(I don’t know what this stands for). Smith was my grandmother. She married my grandfather, Isaac “Ike” Breckenridge CHANDLER, whose family was from Stokes County, NC. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. Denise Chandler-Wood, 128 Owens Beach Road, Harbinger, NC 27941; Email: deniseobx@aol.com

STANLEY – ELLISON – STONE FAMILIES William M. STANLEY born 1818 in Surry Co, NC; d. abt. 1863 in Cherokee Co, Ga. Marv Martha ELLISON STANLEY: Born March 7, 1820; d. Oct. 21, 1894, Fannin Co, Telephone, Tx. 1) Lewis ELLISON m. Nancy STONE March 31, 1820 in Surry Co, NC. Need info. on their parentage and/or fam. 2) From the Carol Leonard Snow comp., Taxables in Surry Co, NC for the year 1835. It shows Nancy ELLISON had a daughter named Nancy Sophronia still at home. Does anyone have info. on her decendants? We think Mary Martha ELLISON, her sister, had already m. William M. STANLEY. Mary Martha STANLEY named her 4th. child, 3rd. daughter, Nancy Sopfronia. 3) Lewis ELLISON is said “to have owned ships” and that “he died on the waters”. Is there any knowledge ofthis anywhere? 4) Nancy STONE went to Cherokee Co, Ga with her daughter Mary Martha ELLISON STANLEY and was shown living with them in the 1860 Census. She died in the adjoining Forsyth County in 1864 at 84 yrs. We believe she was living with her grandson, Thomas Irving STANLEY. 5) Louisa Jane, the 1st. child of William and Mary STANLEY, named her son Elexander Zacariah. We think that was from a forebear. Another daughter, Mary Anne, named her son Lee Alexander. I believe both Elexander and Zacariah can be traced. Any leads in this direction? Please send any information to: Bryan Stanley, 4401 Georgian, Nashville, TN 37215 or email: mcstanley@mindspring.com or call: 1-800-333-0298

BROWN – MOON – ADAMS – OZBURN – FERGUSON – McNEIL I do have an inquiry, Thomas BROWN b. 28 Oct 1749; parents William and Hannah (MOON) BROWN; spouse Jane ADAMS , b 15 Feb 1755, died 21 Nov. 1842. They had 12 children; Susannah b 2 Jul 1773; William b 16 Feb 1775; Hannah b 22 Jan 1777; Rachel b 4 Mar 1779; Mary b 8 Jul 1781, Thomas, Jr. b 12 Jul 1783, Ann b 31 Oct 1785, Simon 1 May 1788, d. 15 May 1827, Richard ] 2 Sep 1790,John B. b 29 Nov 1792, Jane b 25 Mar 1795, Sarah b 16 Jun 1797. Jane m Matthew OZBURN Oct 1812 and Jane m Enoch OZBURN 4 Nov 1815 They were Quakers, in the Cane Creek M M, however, they disappeared from the records, ca 1800.. The father, William was born in Bucks Co. Penn. and his spouse was born in Chester Co. Penn. Jane ADAMS was born in Bedford Co., Va. (from Quaker Records) If this John B. BROWN is mine, I know what happed to him after he left NC and went to Tennessee. He was married first to Nancy FERGUSON in 1820; 2nd wife Sarah McNEIL in 1833 both marriages in Wilkes Co., NC. He had four children by Nancy, I have located three; and five by Sarah, of which one is my grandfather that came to Oregon. He had 18 children. If anyone has anything on this family I will be pleased to pay for any copies that are available. Helen M. Miller 618 Citation Drive NE Salem, Oregon 97301-4868 or 1-503-378-7703 OR: email: hem@open.org


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