2008 Queries

JOHNSON-McKINNEY-DAVIS-TUCKER – Looking for the siblings/parents of “Kinny” JOHNSON b. 1798-1802 Surry Co., NC.  Real name may have been William McKINNEY JOHNSON. Believe he had a sister named Rosamond who m. William “Bucky” DAVIS in Surry Co., NC ca 1838. “Kinny’s” wife Sarah b. 1808 believed to be sister of Rosamond McKINNEY who m. Churchill B. TUCKER. “Kinny” and family moved to Murray Co., Ga. early 1840’s as did the TUCKER and DAVIS family. Reason Unknown. J. C. Johnson

WHITE – HOLYFIELD-WILMOTH-LYON/LYONS-BARRETT – I just heard from a friend of mine from Dobson, Joanna WHITE. Her parents were James Abe WHITE (1891-1967) and Stella Faye HOLYFIELD (1895-1977), both from Dobson.  She was asking about her grandmother and great-grandparents. Her grandmother was Jona (Joanna) WILMOTH and she married her grandfather Thomas Jefferson WHITE before 1875.  A question she had was about her grandmother as to whether she was actually married to a LYON or LYONS prior to Thomas Jefferson WHITE, and also whether she had any children by him.  Or, was she born a LYON or LYONS?  She said she recalls everyone saying her great-grandmother was Joanna BARRETT or was she was married to William Richard WILMOTH, both born in Ireland. Can anyone confirm anything about Joanna WHITE’s great-grandparents and the Lyon or LYONS, and/or WILMOTH, connections?  She doesn’t think her grandmother was a WILMOTH and then married a WILMOTH. Bob Carter


GOINS –SMITH –  I am looking for information on J. H. GOINS, his wife Mary, son Eli Anderson and daughter Annie GOINS SMITH. Mrs. SMITH was living in Mt
Airy in 1961 at the time of her brothers death in Caldwell Co. Katherine Chester

STEWART-WOLTZ –SANDERFUR–   Virginia Lee STEWART was my great-aunt, who died c. 1868.  I know she was married to a SANDEFUR and had two children.  However, one researcher has her as being married to Claude WOLTZ and the mother of DeCosta WOLTZ, Sr., who married, I think, Corrina STEWART. I can’t find documentation for Virginia’s marriage. Does anyone know for sure who DeCosta’s mother was?  Romaine Stewart Poindexter

VESTALHAMILTON–  I’m hoping to find information on the VESTAL family from the early 1800’s.  In Quaker records I see Joseph and Elizabeth (HAMILTON) VESTAL, with a son Thomas b1813.  I believe they were in Surry Co, but the county lines change so much I’m not sure, it may have been Chatham.  Can anyone tell me what became of this Thomas VESTAL?  I have an ancestor Thomas VESTAL in the 1870 census of Parke Co IN who was age 58 and born NC, that I would like to match. Karen Treacy

NELSON – HAND – I’m looking for info about Charles NELSON born in Surrey co NC in 1768. He married Lyddia HAND who was also born on Surrey co NC in 1775. The next record of them is when they married in1796 in Columbia co GA. I would like to know Charles’  parents names and any info about them. Thomas Tucker

McGUIRE – SWAIM – Hello my name is Michelle and I am reserching the McGUIRE Family I have a Patrick McGUIRE born in Ireland in 1840 and has a son Robert H McGUIRE married to Prudence SWAIM.  Looking for any information on this family.   Michelle Cox McGuire

NEEDHAM – GILLESPIE – Looking for information on Jesse Mann NEEDHAM b.21 Jul 1829 d. 15 Apr 1895 Surry Co. Wife Ary GILLESPIE. Am trying to find their graves. They lived in Pilot MT. Cindy Munson

LANKFORD – I am trying to find info on a Thomas LANKFORD abt 1780’s in Surry Co., NC.  Who was his wife, and children, and what ages? Roy Chadwick

GROCE- GROSS – I have reason to believe that Thomas GROCE is really Thomas GROSS although I have indication that the name was misspelled as GROCE on at least one census record. Thomas is my ggg grandfather.  If you have any other information on these individuals or their families I would appreciate a copy of the information.  Any help you might be able to give would be appreciated. Susan Gross

CREED – LAFFON – I am trying to identify the spouse of Sanford J. CREED born in 1850/1851.  Sanford was the son of George W. CREED and Lydia LAFFON.  Sanford is listed in the 1860 Surry County Census as being 9 years old.  His father, George W. CREED, died at Gallatin, TN during the Civil War.  Sanford appears later in the 1880 Ashe County, North Carolina Census.  His wife is named Nancy and they have four daughters listed: Rebecca, Maggia, Liddy, and Martha.Does anyone know the full name of Sanford Creed’s wife, Nancy?  Perhaps, someone has a marriage record?  Greg


FRANKLIN – I am trying to find information on John V. FRANKLIN.  He shows up on the 1850 and 1870 census at the age of 29 and 50 respectively.  He has a wife named Mary and in the 1850 census is living in the city[township] of Hotel. Any information would be appreciated.   Sam Franklin

BEAN – SISK – I have hit the “brick wall” on Mary BEAN. I am interested in information about Mary “Polly” BEAN b. 1770 in Virginia, d. 1855 Paint Rock Valley, Jackson, Al.  She married Elijah SISK abt 1791 in Surry, NC.  Her children, John, Martin, Allen, Daniel, Richard, Wilzey and Rutherford were born in Surry Co.  I also am lacking any female children Elijah and Mary had.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Barbara W. Morrissey

HICKS – VERNON – I am trying to locate the parents of Nancy HICKS who married Thomas VERNON in Surry Co, NC in 1784.  Thomas was a Rev War Vet who died in Monroe Co TN in 1841.  I have no info on Nancy except the marriage.  Denver Hicks

WOLFF – Looking for the identity of Caleb(Gottlieb) and Catherine WOLFF’s 11 children.( 1782-1816). He was the last son of Wilhelm Adam WOLFF, from Cabarrus/Surry area. Family lived in Cabarrus, Stokes, Surry, and Buncombe Counties, NC. Nick and Carol Williams

DENNY –McCORMICK – MAYFIELD – I am conducting some genealogical research into my family history, and majority of the names I’ve come up with are from the Surry area…my mother was born in Mt. Airy.  If there is any way you can assist me in locating some information on my grandparents on my father’s side, specifically my grandmother Amelia DENNY McCORMICK (1917-1999)…I also have two other names a Doctor Martin DENNY(actual name, not a title)  and a Roxybelle MAYFIELD. I believe these to be my great-grandparents, but am not entirely certain… Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Heck, even a point in the right direction would be awesome. William L. McCormick Jr.

MARTIN –HOLSENBECK – I am looking for information on Wright MARTIN born 1797 in NC. All of my research has led me to Surry Co, NC where I have found two Wright MARTIN lines. Dr. William Wright MARTIN and Obediah MARTIN, both seem to have a Wright MARTIN family in Georgia. There were two Wright MARTINS on the 1830 Georgia census one in Dekalb Co and the other in Fayette Co. Georgia. Some of the family histories that I have seen show Dr. Martin married to Nancy HOLSENBECK and they have three sons, William, Samuel and Wright, living in Fayette Co. Georgia, but I have also seen the research that has been done here and it shows that Dr. MARTIN died in Surry Co, NC. There was a Wright MARTIN, from  NC that was on the 1830 GA census that went to Randolph Co., AL sometime in 1840. On the 1850 Randolph AL census he was living next door to two daughters and a son. I have not been able to find him on an 1840 census in AL or GA, but his son came back to Ga in 1860. His son was named Obediah S. MARTIN born 1826 in GA. There seems to be some relationship between the two families but I have been unable to connect them. I would appreciate any information that you could give me on these families. Pat Martin

MARSHALL – MARSHILL – WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO IS DESCENDED FROM John Marshill (MARSHALL) 1720-1787 or William Marshill (MARSHALL) 1724-1803. They came to America (PA) in 1729 as small boys and later as adults migrated into VA and NC settling on Cane Creek. They were members of the Cane Creek Friends (Quaker) meeting house. Each had 11 children and most married and raised their families in NC. I am descended from John and have our family traced all the way back to Jacob MARSHILL, Sr. ca.1655-1743 in Ireland. We are seeking our country of origin before we migrated to Ireland. Payne Marshall

RITCHIE – HILL – CHAPMAN –  In 2002 a query was left by someone named Sue Vance looking for information on Moses RITCHIE, christening 23 Sept 1798 St. John’s Lutheran Church, Cabarrus Co., NC.  On 14 Nov 1823 Moses RITCHIE married Susannah HILL in Surry Co., NC.  Moses RITCHIE was a potter and so was his son Thomas.  I am related to Susannah HILL and have more information about Moses RITCHIE. Moses RITCHIE and my gr.gr.gr.grandfather, Thomas CHAPMAN, were the administrators of the estate of Leonard HILL of Huntsville, Surry [now Yadkin], NC.  Leonard HILL is related to both Susannah HILL RITCHIE and Sarah HILL CHAPMAN, wife of Thomas C. CHAPMAN.  I recently found another descendant of Moses RITCHIE.  We would like to locate Sue Vance.  Her email address from the 2002 query does not work.  We are hoping she will come back to your site or is a member of your organization. Kathryn Mereness


HURT-HURTS – COCKERHAM – MARSHALL – RAY –  I am looking for information on three (HURTS) brothers that settled in Surry or Wilkes counties from Virginia. Robert, John, and William Hurts are descendants of James Henry HURT according to the chart that I have. William HURTS was born June 2, 1783, and his wife was Prankey COCKERHAM. My Great- great grandparents were Thomas E. HURT (b 1849) and Alvarde Virginia MARSHALL, (b 1783) . My grandmother was Myrtle HURT RAY. Thank you for any help or direction in finding where they originated. Randall Hunter Ray


DOBBINS – I tried to email the five people listed n the Surry County Genealogical Association web site. All five email addresses came back as no good. I am looking for some who I can correspond with could you please help me. I am searching for information on the DOBBINS in Surry County. My grandfather was Elmer DOBBINS b. 1906 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. I am also looking for information on NW (Norway Wiley) DOBBINS born 1878 and Jesse Virgil DOBBINS born 1831 in Mt Airy, North Carolina. Andrew Wiley Padgett

FALL 2008

COCKERHAM – WRIGHT – SNOW –WALKER –   I am still searching for info about Hugh COCKERHAM. He was the son of  William and Nancy WRIGHT.  Hugh was married to  Hulda SNOW Oct. 14, 1851.  She was the daughter of James C. SNOW and Mary Ann (Polly) WALKER.  I appreciate any new help.  I will share info.  Pattie Atchley

FLEMING – HORD – John Middleton FLEMING married Jane HORD December 25, 1776.  They had several children.  One of their son’s, Mordecai Hord FLEMING was a veteran of the war of 1812 with 5th Regiment, 1st Surry County; and represented the county from 1829 to 1835 in the NC General Assembly. Looking for FLEMING family information and possible land ownership, estates, ect… Patrick Hudson

NORMAN- HINSHAW –  Searching for information on George NORMAN. He was my great great  grandfather, and all I know is that he was born in 1820 in Surry County or maybe one of the surrounding counties. He married Louisa HINSHAW in 1840 and moved to Jackson County with his family in 1862.He only lived a year after moving to Jackson County said her caught small pox from the war. I was trying to find out who his parents were. Gloria Norman Kirkendall

SHAW – COLLINS – My Grandmother Emma L SHAW had her Children in Surry County her husband was James Madison COLLINS.  She had 8 children there James Madison COLLINS Jr, Thelma Geve COLLINS, Sammy Dean COLLINS, Nancy Lee COLLINS, Lessie May COLLINS, Freddie Eugene COLLINS,  Billy Ray COLLINS, and  Emma COLLINS. James Sr was born in 1919 and Emma 1917 any relation or do you know any family there I know when I was younger we went there to visit my dad, grandma and  a cousin. Grandma passed on but his family may still be there. Lessie Collins Meyer

DEZERN I am interested in DEZEARN, DESERN, DEZARN, DICERN, etc. in Surry/Yadkin Counties. Especially interested in Frances DICERN. Lamar E Dezearn  phone: 336-526-3422


Winter 2008

SMITH – BURRIS – I have hit a “brick wall” in my attempt to locate information bout the ancestry of my paternal great, great grandparents Henry BURRIS and his wife Sophia (SMITH) BURRIS. Their marriage record has a date of 22 Feb 1836. County Court Records -FHL # 0546467-0546474 County Court Records at Dobson, NC & Family History.  Henry’s name is spelled BURRASS on that document. The name Henry BURRIS appears in the 1840 NC US Census with a child less than five years old and two females (20-30) and one adult male (20-30). In 1850, Henry (39) and Sophia (35) are listed on a Missouri US Census with their children: John Wesley, Jacob, and Tempory Jane. Also in their household was a Christina SMITH (38) and her children: Mary (8) and James W. (4). Henry, Sophia, John Wesley, Jacob Burris and Tempory Jane (Burris) Longacre are all buried in Bluff Springs Cemetery near Kingsville (Johnson County) MO. Anybody there able to provide information on parents of  Henry or Sophia??? Melba Crain

CARTWRIGHT – THOMPSON – BROWN – My ancestor Mary CARTWRIGHT ,daughter of James CARTWRIGHT & Jane THOMPSON was born in Surry NC,1774, had a brother William Fod CARTWRIGHT, she married James BROWN. Does anyone have any records on this family? Earleen Prevatt

ADAMS –BELFORD- DUGGINS – ZINT – I hope to be a descendant of some John ADAMS.   My maternal  grandmother was Julia Cathern Adams [BELFORD] and her sisters were  Jesse Adams DUGGINS [SAM]  and   Della Mabel Adams [ Roy ZINT]. On some death certificate, I remember a signature of John D. Adams, MD. I am eighty years old   and am still curious about my ancestors. Melba  Waddell  Bailey



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