2007 Queries


McGLOTHIN –  WALLANDER – REID –FULK -RANKINS- My father was born and raised in Carroll co VA and I’ve been doing genealogy there for many years (and on to Wythe, Russell etc) but Surrey co is pretty new to me.This marriage is my earliest document, and my brickwall!  I just can’t seem to get beyond this: Surry county, NC Sept.14, 1823  (I have image of original) Thomas McGLAULIN and Lucy Wallaver (WALLANDER) Andrew FULK bm. Thomas was born in VA and made his home in Wythe co. Lucy had 2 or 3 children and died by 1838. (Their son Matthew>his son Andrew Jackson> his son John Floyd>his son, my dad>me.) I have records of Thomas from this marriage onward (except death) but can’t get back further. (birth, parents etc). I can find no records of WALLANDER/Wallaver in Surrey co. I can find no records of Thomas’s tie to the 2 counties—but common sense says there is one.  Also; April, 1819 has an Eliz. McGLAUGIN marries Isack REID with Jacob FULK as bondsman. We have both Andrew and Jacob FULK knowing this family, and Eliz is supposed to be a resident of Surry Co. In early Wythe censuses, by the time Thomas makes his own home, there are several tie-in-maybes (you see off of the original images) One is with Eli McGLOTHIN—Thomas ends up right there, next door, years later. The other is with the RANKINS’ family—one of those names that keeps popping up in my search.I’ve been doing genealogy by mail and computer (I’m in California) for a long time and this is my biggest brickwall. I just don’t know where my MCGLOTHIN’s came from—200 yrs ago. This year, I’m concentrating on only reviewing and closing all the gaps in the research I already have. So, maybe you can help by background info, new tips, or you may have even seen these people. Patti McGlothin

SENTER – I am seeking information on my SENTER Ancestor’s of Surry,NC. I have found Solomon SENTER and Zachariah SENTER on 1790 Census,listed as fee persons of color. Could you please help me.I am seeking Zachariah SENTER, John SENTER, Solomon SENTER,and Sanders SENTER.Elizabeth Ann Engram


HOLDER –LONG – I would like any information you might have on my Grandparents. The are from Surry County and later moved to Forsyth County. I believe I have family dating back to the 1700’s from Surry County. Thier names are Otis LONG and Rachel HOLDER. Corey Eldridge

NEEDMAN – GILLESPIE – Looking for information on Jesse Mann NEEDMAN b.21 Jul 1829 d. 15 Apr 1895 Surry Co. Wife Ary GILLESPIE.  I am trying to find their graves. They lived in Pilot MT. Cindy Munson

BADGETT – BENNETT – KEY –  I am attempting to obtain family history information relating to my Grandmother, Lizzie Bennett BADGETT. I have found documentation indicating that Water Thomas BADGETT, son of Nicholas Newton BADGETT and Lydia Bowls KEY, married Lizzie BENNETT in Surry Co, NC on 1/26/1908 . However, I have been unsuccessful in locating any information about Lizzie BENNETT’s family.  Would you be able to help?  I would appreciate any information or suggestions.  Helen B. McIver


WILLIAMS –SOMERVILLE –  I researching John Taylor WILLIAMS b. abt 1829 in Surry/Yadkin Co., NC. On the 1860 census heirs listed as being born in Yadkin Co., Yadkin was not formed from Surry until 1850. So I checking Surry and Yadkin both. He moved to Warren Co. before 1836 and married Mary Catherine SOMERVILLE on 04 Aug 1836 in Warren Co., NC. Joe McDonald


Looking for any information on Dr. William R. HOLLINGSWORTH (1836-1901) and his wife Susan Ellen DAVIS and their children:  Katie wife of Stephen GRAVES, Sarah wife of James SMITH, Sadie wife of Edward ASHBY, Maggie wife of Nicholas Glenn WILLIAMS, James C, Robert E, and J. Frank HOLLINGSWORTH.   I have many HOLLINGSWORTH photographs and some letters and would like to share and collect additional materials. J. Daniel Mahar

TAYLOR – DICKEY –GALLOWAY – WHITE – MITCHELL – Looking for any information on Samuel Hill TAYLOR (1820-1893), his wife Eliza Jane TAYLOR and their children:  James, Dr. William S., John S., Charles Walter TAYLOR; Lucy MITCHELL, Martha Peele DICKEY, Eliza Jane White, and Jennie Galloway WHITE.  I have a great deal of information, but am interested in details on these people along with any family papers, letters, and photographs. J. Daniel Mahar

FULTON –  HOLLINGSWORTH – McKINNEY – SPARGER – BRYD –DOUGLAS – RAWLEY –  Looking for any informaton on Winston FULTON (1821-1894) and his wife Mary HOLLINGSWORTH along with their children: Bettie wife of Winston McKINNEY; Mollie wife of William SPARGER; Nannie wife of Ezekiel BYRD; James M. FULTOn; Joseph H. FULTON; Samuel L. FULTON; Cornelia wife of Stanford DOUGLAS?; Martha Virginia wife of Mr. James and Susan wife of David A. RAWLEY. I have some information and family photographs many unidentified. J. Daniel Mahar

CREECH – WALL-  I am looking for my father grandmother’s death certificate.  Her name is Appie CREECH, her given name was Apsilla Elizabeth CREECH but went by Appie, she was born in Johnston County and I could not find a death certificate in Johnston County.  I thought I would try Surry County but they didn’t locate it there either.  Her husband died long before she died and his name was Benneth CREECH. His father was Jesse CREECH and her mother was Mary (Polly) WALL CREECH.  I think she was born about 1853 and I thought she died in 1925 or 1926.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Eleanor Parrish Yarborough



LAWSON – COLLINS – Seeking information on LAWSON families.  In the Surry County Heritage Book Vol. 2 there is an item (110) that outlines the George COLLINS and Nancy LAWSON COLLINS family.   Nancy LAWSON is one of my ancestors (Elisha and Mary LAWSON’s daughter).  In the article, the COLLINS had 8 children:  1.   Lockey who married Ed LAWSON;  2.  Russell who married Martha LAWSON; 3.  William who married Rachel Ann LAWSON; 4.  John who married Susan LAWSON; and 5.  Sally who married Hudson LAWSON.  I did not list those that married someone other than a LAWSON.   Does anyone have any other information on the families of these LAWSON’s who married into the COLLINS family to show their parents or other ancestors?    Also, the full names of these LAWSON’s (some sound like nicknames or abbreviated names) would be helpful.   I am tracing my ancestors and this type of information will be very helpful in trying to tie things together. L. B. Lawson

BANNER – I am researching the BANNER family and would like proof that Elisha BANNER (1811-1868) was the son of Charles BANNER (1773-1857).I cannot find a will or estate settlement for Charles BANNER.

Virginia A.S. K. Bjorlin, 1220 Rosa Drive, Monroe, NC  28112


MOORE – RIDDLE – LITTLE – I need to be able to contact someone in Surry County that would be able to help me find out some information on a MOORE family from Surry county in the 1800-1850.  Obits, newspapers, records, etc.  A Mr.& Mrs MOORE were killed in a buggy accident on the way home from a wedding or party were killed. Not sure if it were both but that is what believed.  We know of one daughter born in 1844, Mary Elizabeth, left behind.  In 1850 we have Mary living with a RIDDLE or LITTLE family.  We were told that a grandfather picked up Mary and took her to live with a family member in Wise/Lee county VA.  We can find her there when she married a Tignal WOMACK.  We can not find anywhere where it states who her parents were  or grandfather. SO, is there someone in Surry that might be able to help.  I’ve spoken to Betty and Charles MOORE but they did not know of the story. Elizabeth


JONES-BOAZ – Searching for any descendants of Elder John JONES (1790-1875) and his wife Rozanah BOAZ that served in the Civil War.

Floyd Farrar

COLBERT – I am looking for info on my GGGrandfather John Thomas COLBERT. I have Va. marriage & census records that say he was born in Surry Co. NC in 1865. His parents are recorded as John & Mary J. COLBERT. I have family oral history say he was a full or half-blood Native American. Janet Frye

COLLINS – MARION – My great-grandmother is Sarah J. COLLINS. I have been trying to track down where my MARION ancestors are buried and hope that someone out there can help me learn this information. My mother was Bettie Alma MARION, daughter of Riley MARION.  She grew up in Surry County and graduated from Dobson High School in 1952.  I am looking for information regarding the early generations of this MARION line, especially Isaac MARION and our Revolutionary War Soldier, Bartholomew MARION.  I am having difficulty finding the burial locations of my ancestors beyond Riley MARION’s father, Mat MARION. I know Mat is buried at Old Fisher River Church cemetery. Karen Tauber

LANKFORD – Looking for anyone with a connection or info on a Thomas LANKFORD in Surry  Co abt 1780. Did this Thomas also have a son named Thomas brn abt 1778/80 NC?. I believe that the 1st Thomas brn abt 1730/50’s VA?, and he was a Merchant/Trader. Did this Thomas also have  brother’s named James, and John,and possible Benjamin LANKFORD who were in the same area of Surry Co. abt 1780?  My GGGfather Thomas LANKFORD #2 later was in  Smith/White/Overton  Co TN abt 1804, and in Warren Co TN abt 1830. Roy Chadwick

CHILDRESS – AXSOM – I am trying to locate any information on my ancestry. I have found my ggggrandfather was William D.CHILDRESS who married a Lucy AXSOM. I can not find who his father was, if you could help me I would appreciate it. Charles Childress

MILLER –BURGECARTER – My family moved into the Carter MILLER house on Paul’s Creek, north of Mount Airy in 2000.  I am trying to engrave a granite cornerstone with the family history of the house– who lived here and what years.  There has been mention of a BURGE family here also, but no record in the deeds department as of this time. Any information about the William CARTER family and or the MILLER family or any stories about this special old  brick house are appreciated!  (House built in 1834.) Karen Manfredi

KEE – KEY – SUTTLE – I am looking for information on the family– parents, siblings– of Peter KEE/KEY.  He is listed on the 1850 Federal Census from the North  District, Marsh Township, Surry County, North Carolina, at household  928, 45 years old, a farmer, married to Jane (SUTTLE) and at home are William (23), Matilda (19), Isaac (possibly 16), a daughter (possibly Mary), James (11), and Gasper (Jasper- 9).  Peter KEY and family are preceded in the census by Milburn KEY and family at household 926, then Elener KEY and family at household 927, then Peter’s entry is followed  by Joseph KEY (25) and wife Mary (15) at household 929.  Isaac KEE is my 2x great-grandfather.  Flora Church

WOOD – STONE – CONWAY – I am searching for information connecting Ezekiel STONE (b. 1756 VA, d. 1860TN, m. Jane WOOD) to William STONE and Hannah CONWAY who lived in Surry Co., NC around 1778 until William’s death in 1819.  Ezekiel STONE enlisted as a Rev. Soldier in Surry Co., NC. Nannie Hartwick

SHOUSE/SCHAUSS – PLANCET-  PLEASANT – HAYMORE – Specifically, I am looking for the information on the first wife of Phillip SHOUSE who was born in Mount Airy on 12 June 1812.  His father was Christian SCHAUSS, and his mother was Sarah or Sally PLANCET.  Her last name may also have been “PLEASANT“. Phillip and this wife had three children: William. born 1838; Elizabeth Cathleen, born 1842; and Caroline E., born 1844.  The mother of these children, all probably born in Surry County, died around 1845.  Phillip subsequently married Tabitha Elitha HAYMORE on 3 September 1846.  The family then moved to Morgan County, Georgia. Any leads you could offer as to where I might be able to look for her name would truly be appreciated. Her identity has long  been a family mystery, and I would like to resolve it if I can. Allen Shouse

Allen Shouse, Email:  wilhelma@verizon.net


HILTON/HELTON – BEACHUM – Peter HILTON b. abt. 1760 on our Cherokee applications say that he was born in Surry.  He also claimed with his brother Abraham to have fought in the Revolutionary War.  These men were living with BEACHUM HILTON/HELTON

in Rowan Co. NC.  Anyone with any information on this family would be a great help. We know we are from these men and our DNA testing has come back Native American.  Mike Helton


BARRON – PHIFER – I am seeking information on my Great Great Grandfather Jonathan BARRON born 5-11-1785 and died /buried Hamptonvile, N.C. 7-11-1862.  He married Susana PHIFER. I’m searching for Jonathan’s parents.  I believe them to be of the Quaker faith and perhaps Jonathan was born in Maryland. L. Ropoz

VAUGHN – McDANIEL – Jesse Franklin VAUGHN was born about 1881 and died in 1961. His ½ brothers were Calvin, Porter and Ramey VAUGHN all of the Mount Airy, Surry County area. We are trying to find out who Jesse’ father and mother were?  I think Jesse was married 3 times, first wife died about age 20 of contaminated well water (?), second wife was Zolly and 3rd wife was Mamie Garet McDANIEL VAUGHN.  Jo Vaughn

SARRET – COMBS – JOHNSON – I am looking for any information on the birth and parents for John Tinsley SARRET born around 1806, he married Nancy COMBS in February 1830 in Surry County, NC. Nancy was the daughter Zedekiah “Zadoc” & Elizabeth JOHNSON  COMBS born December 25, 1811.Also searching for info on Elisha SARRETT and other related spellings of SARRETT, SURRATT, SARRATT, SERRATT, SARRETTE, SERIT, ETC.  Randall Kevin Sarrett

ROBERTS – WHITLOCK – BANNER – Looking for the family Bible of John and Elizabeth ROBERTS which was supposedly in the possession of their daughter, Susannah ROBERTS (1756-1832), who in her Will dated 21 JAN 1830 left “one large Bible” to her brother, Jonathan ROBERTS (1776/78 – 1854). (Other ROBERT researchers believe the bible progressed to Jonathan’s daughter, Celia who married Charles WHITLOCK, then to their daughter, Catherine who married William Martin BANNER.)  Shirley Kile

TOLBERT –PUCKETT – I hope you can help me. I am trying to locate information on my great-grandmother, Nettie B. TOLBERT PUCKETT. I think she was living in Surry County,NC when she died. According to someone else’s information she is supposed to be buried in the White Plains Baptist Church Cemetery. There were some that went to find her grave and couldn’t; the church says it has no record of her burial there.

I sure could use some help in finding where she is. She is one of my brick walls. Cheryl Puckett Gallimore

CHANDER – DURHAM – LAWSON -In the 1850 census for Surry County, NC – especially the area around Mount Airy, NC – there is a Henry and Jane (CHANDLER) DURHAM and family, a William and Phebe (LAWSON) DURHAM and family, and a Nancy DURHAM with children plus a 64 year old woman – Sarah (Sally) DURHAM. From my research all of these DURHAMs appear to be related, moving from Patrick County, VA to Surry County, NC around 1847.  The elderly Sarah (Sally) DURHAM is later found in the 1870 census for Surry County, NC, living in the household of Henry DURHAM’s wife – Paulina Jane.  The 3 oldest children in each family have historical records that show they were born in Patrick County, VA.  In the 1840 census for Patrick County, VA you find Henry DURHAM and Sarah DURHAM both on the same page and listed as head of household.  All the children’s ages match those living in the 1850 census for Surry County, NC.  My query is this:  I have not found any definite records that confirm that these families are related (wills-marriages listing parents-etc.).  These families are in Surry County till they die, except for William and Phebe DURHAM, who move to Grayson County, VA around 1861.  I really want to find some type of record, maybe a court record, that connects these 3 families.  Is there someone there who can help? Bryon K. Durham

CRAFT – SPARKS – Wiley CRAFT—Augatha SPARKS, married Surry or Wilkes NC, Jan. 28 1812, Wiley CRAFT aprox.  b 1787  aprox. d 1848. Augatha SPARKS aprox. b 1791  aprox. d 1848. Wiley & Augatha’s youngest son was born in North Carolina in 1813 and the first child born in Kentucky was in 1821. Therefore between the years of 1813 and 1821 there was a move to Johnson County Kentucky. Any information or documentation regarding Augatha, Wiley or their parents would be appreciated. James Patrick


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