2003 Queries

OAKLEY – Seeking information on Alexander Oakley of Surry County born ca. 1814. If anyone has family group sheets on the Oakley family of Surry County, we would like a copy for our files in the research room. Wilma Hiatt

WHITLOCK – FREEMAN – On the l862 tax list for Mt Airy Dist., there was a Charles Whitlock, guardian of William Freeman. Under that was Charles Whitlock for heirs of Martin Whitlock, no land. What I need is info on this family and how the William Freeman was connected to this family. Becky

DOPSON/DOBSON-MOORE – have researched Jesse Dopson/Dobson for the past few years and no further now than when I began. I ordered his military record but it had only that he entered Revolution from NC, that he was a prisoner of British for a time (it doesn’t give dates), and that he married Averilla Moore 1/31/1791 in Wilkes Co., GA. I have clippings of tax default in the area of Wilkes/Columbia Co., GA, but also learned he paid them in another county, and that he lived over seventeen years in one place, but there is also evidence he returned to NC, Mecklenburg Co., 1809. He must have been much older than Averilla, and according to one record, Averilla filed for his pension in 1818, indicating his death was 1817-1818, and she was identified as ‘widow of Jesse Dopson.’ I would love to learn his age, his parents and if there were siblings. I cannot find him in NC, only the military record lets me know he was there.
Sue Dopson New

SIMS-MAYES-LAFOON– Looking for any information on a John Sims b.1844 in Surry County. He married Nancy P. Mayes in 1862, Nancy was the daughter of Shelton Mayes and Martha Lafoon. She was born about 1841. I know they moved to Grayson County Va about 1863. Then to Tenn about 1871. Then onto Smyth County Va. where they both lived till they died. Need to find parents and siblings of John Sims. Any help would be most grateful.
Arnold Sims

RAINWATER-FUSSELL -Our Rainwater Family was in Surry Co., NC in the early 1600`s and 1700`s Looking for the Parents of John Rainwater Born : 1695 Danbury VA. ? / NC, Married: June 24, 1735 Bertie Co. NC Died – May 1777 Surry Co., NC Wife: Mary Fussell Born – 1710 St. Peters Par. New Kent Va. Died:1782 Surry Co. NC. Some of the Children of John Rainwater were born in Surry Co. Dennis Rainwater

EVERTON – MABBITT – PARKER – BILLINGS – Thomas Everton, born before 1755, possibly VA, and died in Surry Co. NC. before May 1819 (date of probate). According to his will his granddaughter was ELLENDER MABBITT who had married JOHN MABBITT in 1814 in Surry Co. NC. Ellender’s mother must have been one of Thomas’ daughters but which one. The only daughters that I have a record of are: POLLY EVERTON married to JAMES PARKER and NANCY EVERTON married to PEARCE BILLINGS. I would also be interested in the maiden name of Thomas Everton‘s wife.
Barbara F. Rewis

MILLS – WATTS -1. Eleanor “Nelly” Elenderer Mills was supposed to be the daughter of one William Mills but which William Mills???? 2. She is reported by LDS to have married Elias Watts in 1794; Need more info. 3. Elias Watts and his household are given in the 1800 Surry County Census. 4. One William Mills is given in the 1800 Surry County Census. Since Elias Watts and Nelly are my ggg grandparents, it would be nice if someone could give me more details about their marriage, their household, who their parents were and where they were from. 5. They apparently moved to Ga. where Ambrose Watts was born (1850 cenus of Wayne County, WV). Any help will be deeply appreciated. I can’t find them prior to 1800. G. Fred Watts

WILKINS – WILMOTH – My grandmother was Alice E. Wilkins b. 1902. She married my grandfather, Howard H. Wilmoth and they are both buried at Fairview Cemetary. She had a sister, Connie, and a sister Martha. Does anyone have any info on her parents or siblings? Shelby Wilmoth Battle

BURRUS-HODGES-CHISSOM – In researching my family’s history, I have reached a dead end in one large branch and it is all in Surry Co. I have 4 Family members whose I cannot find. Miley Burns Burrus (Burris) b. 11/17/1812 Rockford, Surry Co. NC d. 12/19/1863 Surry Co. NC., Mary Jane Hodges b. 12/24/1819 Rockford, Surry Co. NC, Christiana Chissom b. 5/9/1867 Surry Co. NC and James Emory Burrus (Burris) b. 12/16/1844 Surry Co. NC. If you can help in anyway with any info on these families or their ancestry, it is much appreciated, I have exhausted about all the resources I know.
Mike Chandler

CARTER – I am looking for parents of John E.R.Carter . He was Born in 1825 in Tn but his parents were from N.C. I found several listed in Surry co N.C . Can anyone help me find probate court records on Carters that i can find his parents? Does anyone know about the Carter family in N.C. then Tn?

WILSON – ADAMS – George WILSON married Mary ADAMS in Surry County, NC 10 JAN 1787. I’m trying to determine if they are the same family that moved to Indiana before 1808 from an unknown location and entered land in 1811. At that time this family consisted of George WILSON (1762-1844), spouse Mary (?-1856), sons John WILSON (b. 1788, VA) and William WILSON (b. 1792, NC), and daughter Rachel WILSON (b. 1809, IN). Other children, birthplace and date unknown, are Joseph, Margaret and Elizabeth. I would appreciate any information that might tend to prove (or disprove) the connection between these two families. Harold Clupper

STULTZ -YORK – I am searching for the descendants of CHARLES NATHANIAL STULTZ, b. 1836 and ELISHA YORK STULTZ. She was the daughter of James York. Grannie Sexton

McMICKLE– My GG Grandmother was Martha (Patsy) McMickle who was born in Surry County, N.C. Patsy married Henry H. Martin. I am trying to connect with others who have McMickle ancestors. I live in Texas because my grandfather migrated here from Clay County, N.C. I would appreciate any help I can get. Joyce Martin Lewis



WILLIAMS – Seeking information concerning John WILLIAMS, wife Elizabeth, born in 1747 and died after March 18, 1818 in Surry Co., NC. His father was Timothy WILLIAMS who was born in Hanover Co., Va. and died 1790 in Surry Co., NC. Need any biographical material, but especially any roles they played in the American Revolutionary War. Almola James

BARKER-NORMAN-McDONALD – Searching for information on John BARKER, son of William BARKER of Henry Co. and Pittsylvania Co., Va. and Surry Co., NC. John was mentioned in a deed of property along with a brother Jeremiah “Jerry BARKER and a sister Delilah BARKER NORMAN. According to the 1819 Pittsylvania, Va. Deed Book 22, pages 376-377, they had given Randolph McDONALD their power of attorney to sell land in Pittsylvania and Henry Cos., Va. as heirs of the late WILLIAM BARKER. John was born ca 1774 and was living in Surry Co., NC at the time of this deed.
Mercia Robertson

BARKER – GALYEAN – Searching for siblings of Leander(1818) and Daniel BARKER(1835), whose parents were Jeremiah BARKER (1790) and Susanna GALYEAN(ca 1793) of Surry Co., NC. According to the 1830 Surry Co., NC census, there were 5 children listed in the home of Jeremiah and Susanna. We only know of the two mentioned above. There should be one other male born between 1815-1820 and 2 females, one born between 1815-1820 and the other born between 1820-1825. Mercia Robertson

RIGGS-TOMKINS-SCOTT – I am putting together a genealogical record of Samuel RIGGS and his wife Elizabeth TOMKINS. I know there are descendants still living in Surry Co. and would appreciate any information on this family. I am a descendant of Zadok RIGGS and his wife Sarah SCOTT. Zadok was born in Morristown, New Jersey and Sarah was born in Halifax or Pittsyvania, Virginia. John SCOTT married Chloe RIGGS, so there is a double relationship with these two families. They left Surry Co. in 1795 for Lincoln Co., Kentucky and from there to Boone County, Missouri; the SCOTT family to Illinois. I am also interested in family photos and will pay a reasonable price for copies.
Florence M. Bowe, 273 SW Sunset Way, Troutdale, OR 97060

GILLAM-REEVES – Need information on a William GILLAM (Gilliam) born about 1805 in North Carolina. His wife also born in North Carolina, her given name was Elizabeth and her surname may be REEVES.
Florence M. Bowe, 273 SW Sunset Way, Troutdale, OR 97060

HAYS-JOHNSON – Need information on Nathanial/Nathan Boone HAYS from North Carolina married Martha (Patsy) JOHNSON said to be Cherokee Indian. Lived in Wilson Co., Tennessee, to Taney Co., Missouri, then to Crawford Co., Missouri.
Florence M. Bowe, 273 SW Sunset Way, Troutdale, OR 97060

FULKS-WOLF – Seeking information on A. Chesley FULKS born ca. 1829 in Rockford, NC and died 12 May 1901. He married Sarah Jane WOLF. Known children are George, Richard, Pearl, and Andy.
Mrs. W. T. Cummins, 1118 E. Gudgell, Independence, MO 64055

HODGES -GENTRY– Seeking name of father of Mary “Polly” HODGES who married Joseph GENTRY. Did Bartholomew HODGES have a daughter named Mary? If so, whom did she marry? Different researchers have different opinions. Would like to hear from other researchers on this HODGES family. Elaine Fazzaro

KERR -JONES – Seeking information on Thomas KERR (Karr/Carr). He was born ca. 1731 in Surry Co., NC. He was the son of Benjamin KERR and Juliatha. He married Miriam JONES 15 Jul 1756 in Cane Creek, Orange Co., NC. One of his sons was Mathew KERR born ca. 1762 who married Susannah.
James W. Carr, 8911 Hwy 92 East, Williamsburg, KY 40769

LASH – WELSHIRE -Searching for information to prove Revolutionary Service for George LASH. His will is dated 15 Jul 1819 in Surry County, NC. He married Ann WELSHIRE 2 Jun 1762 in Rowan County, NC. Mary Grace

TOLBERT-AMBURN – Seeking information on Julia TOLBERT who married Samuel AMBURN in Surry County, NC 14 Mar 1870. Her marriage record states she is the daughter of James TOLBERT and Genetta TOLBERT. Who is Genetta TOLBERT? A Samuel AMBURN also married Elizabeth TOLBERT in Surry County 26 Jun 1885. She is the daughter of James TOLBERT and Mary TOLBERT. James and Mary TOLBERT are listed in the Surry County census records and were also married in Surry Co. Is this the same James TOLBERT with daughters Julia and Elizabeth? Wilma Hiatt

SMITH -BROWER – Searching for (Aunt) Grace SMITH‘s family. One known son is James (Jim) H. SMITH born in August 1846. His wife was Susan BROWER who was born in 1859. Another son was Jack SMITH who was listed as 25 years old in the 1880 census records. However in the 1870 census records he was listed as 19 years old. Jacob SMITH (possibly a third son) was listed in the 1870 census records as 20 years old and listed with James and Jack. Their death certificates are requested along with any other information available. Brenda Ethridge

BULLEN – GRANT-LAWSON – I am looking for my genealogy on my ancestor, Loucinda BULLEN/Bullin (b. about 1864 in Mt. Airy), md to Ulysses Simmons GRANT. Loucinda was the daughter of Tandy Jack BULLEN (Died 1905 in Surry County) and Martha Jane LAWSON. They lived in Surry and Stokes Cos., NC. John Martinson

WILSON-ADAMS – Seeking information on George WILSON who married Mary ADAMS in Surry County, NC 10 Jan 1787. William ADAMS was bondsman. Did this family move to Indiana sometime before 1808? The family consisted of George WILSON (1762-1844), spouse Mary (?-1856), sons John WILSON (b. 1788 VA), William WILSON (b. 1792 NC), daughter Rachel WILSON (b. 1809 IN). Other children are Joseph, Margaret and Elizabeth. If a local Surry County paid researcher can help prove (or disprove) the connection between these two families, please write me.
Harold Clupper, 1024 Little Shiloh Road, West Chester, PA 19382

DENNEY-MADISON-McDANIEL – I have placed Elbert DENNEY b. abt 1825 in N.C. Married Lucy A MADISON b. Jan.16,1825 They married in Surry Co. on Feb. 9,1847 Probably 8 children…. Benjamin 1848..Nancy 1850…William Gilbert 5,27,1852…Washington, Augustus, Jasper… and Charles 1866 Lucy was the daughter of Gillum and Fanny McDANIEL MADISON In 1850 They lived in Irdell Co. N.C. They were in Ashe Co. N.C in 1870 No futher until May 27,1917 Lucy died in Greenville, Tennessee. I would like to find the names of the parents of Gilbert DENNEY and their birth and death dates. Sue

HOLLINGSWORTH – I am trying to find out where Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH who came to North Carolina in about 1790 is buried. At the time he came to North Carolina from Virginia he went to Stokes County. I believe that that part of Stokes later became part of Surry County. Can You help me with this issue? Cora Anne Hollingsworth Ferrara

BULLINGTON- TURPIN-HILER – I have been searching for so long. My great grandparents were from Surry County, NC. My grandmother, Malley Mae BULLINGTON, and her sister, Cora BULLINGTON were born in Pilot Mountain, NC. Malley Mae was born in 1894. Her father is listed as William Paton (Payton) BULLINGTON b. 1858 and her mother, Elizabeth Ella TURPIN b. abt 1861. Elizabeth’s father was Meads D. TURPIN b.1823 and mother, Elizabeth HILER b. 1829. I can find NOTHING on either BULLINGTON or TURPIN. I know that William & Elizabeth BULLINGTON, and family, went to Indiana sometime after 1894. Malley and Cora are listed in the 1910 Census in Indiana. I don’t know what became of William BULLINGTON. I do know that Elizabeth, his wife, died about 1903 and he married again. I would so apprecite any help. Peggy Barker

McNEER-FREEMAN – I am seeking info on a E. F. McNEER and wife Maude F. They lived in Elkin and he owned a hardward store there. I am trying to find out if Maude was a FREEMAN before she married. Hope someone has info on these peole. They lived on Church St. there. The time period, I think, would have been in the l820’s and 30’s. Becky

BINGE – Looking for descendents of Thomas BINGE of 1810 Surry Co., North Carolina census. He has 4 males under ten listed as his childrens ages and he is in 26-44 age group. Karen Meeker


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