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About Us

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Surry County Genealogical Association
P.O. Box 997
Dobson, NC 27017

In 1980, Carlos Surratt, Evening Dean at Surry Community College and instructor of local history courses at the college taught a genealogy class. During this time several of the ones in the class who were interested in genealogy research discussed the possibility of forming a Surry County Genealogical Association.

Then On March 3, 1981 a meeting was held and the group discussed the short and long-range goals of the Assn. It was decide that the purpose of this Assn. is to trace family roots, preserve records from churches, cemeteries, and other items of historical importance that would help one learn more about his or her ancestors and the history of our county.

The Group decided it would be called “The Surry County Genealogical Association.”The first public meeting of the Assn. was held on Monday, May 18, 1981. It was very successful. Fifty people attended the meeting, and many became members. When they elected officers for the 1st year they elected Carlos Surratt and Dennis “Bud” Cameron as advisors, and they still hold this position today.

They started with a bookcase of research books and now they have a genealogy room “ The Carlos Surratt Room” which is in the library at Surry Community College at Dobson, N. C, with family histories, census records, cemeteries, and 33 years later the Assn. has members in all locations.

The Assn has a meeting the 2nd Monday night of each Month. These meetings are free and open to the public. The fee for membership is $20.00 individual, or $25.00 a year for family. The membership entitles the members to 4 quarterly journals a year put out by the Assn.

The group has also published two Surry County Heritage Books, and a pictorial history book of Surry County, N. C. This book entitled “Images of America” Surry County, has 128 pages. The pictures tell about life in Surry County before 1940. Also the group has published a Surry Co., Church History Book. They can be bought by contacting the Surry County Genealogy Assn., P.O. Box 997, Dobson, N.C. 27017.

Esther Draughn Johnson is the President and encourages anyone with an interest in Family History to join, and help us preserve the history of our families. For more information call 786-2545 or 1-336-831-6437

Officers of the Association

President: Esther Johnson

Recording Secretary: Don Edmonds

Corresponding Secretary: Cheryl Mosley

Treasurer: Joe Hicks

Librarian: Jancie Poplin

Books/Treasurer: Donna Edwards

Program Chairman: Esther Johnson

Quarterly Journal Committee: 

Chairman: Wilma Hiatt; Lessie Brindle, Esther Johnson, Teresa Smith and Ann Stewart

Webmaster: Cheryl Mosley